Bread Crumbs Production Line Manufacturing Process

2020-07-09 16:10:52

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Bread crumbs production line is designed based on advanced twin-screw extrusion technology. Bread crumb making machine changes the traditional bread crumb production process. Commercial bread crumb machineproduction process is automatic for mixing, squeezing, cutting, crushing and drying. The available raw materials can be rice flour, corn flour, corn starch, soybean flour, etc. in addition to flour; it can produce bread crumbs in various shapes, including needles, granules, snowflakes, flakes, stars, or a variety of shapes To meet different needs of customers. Bread crumbs are widely used as food additives, for coating fried foods, such as: fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), onion rings, fried steak, fried chicken legs, fried chicken fillet, fried lotus root, fried fish The surface of the product, after frying, has the advantages of bright surface color and lubricating taste. The "bread crumb" special bread crumb machine has changed the traditional bread crumb production process, from fermentation production process to direct extrusion bread crumb process, which simplifies the breadcrumb making production process and improves product quality. The breadcrumb making machine from the input of the fabric to the forming of the product is a continuous production. The remaining material can be reused without waste, which reduces the bread crumb manufacturers cost and improves the labor productivity. Change the bread crumb machine process to produce needle-shaped bread crumbs, bread crumbs, snowflake powder and other products.

Bread Crumbs Production Line Manufacturing Process

Expanded Crumbs VS.Traditional Breading Crumb

Expanded Crumbs

Traditional Breading Products

Reduce equipment, labor and energy costs  

Cost is hign

Space is small

Big space

Relies on protein development and the expansion of starch fraction in the cereal grain instead of fermentation

 Yield fine particle size or granulation when ground

bread crumb machine for sale

Mixer-Screw Conveyor-Twin Screw Extruder-Shaping machine-Hoister-Bread crumb grinder machine-conveyor-bread crumb shifter-industrical dryer

Bread Crumbs Production Line For Sale

Bread Crumb manufacturing project report 

Mixer: The raw material adding to water and liquid chemical additive fully mixing in it.This part that touches mixer to material adopts the stainless steel material. The discharge hole adopts the new handle-opened design. It has the good seal so that the materials.

Screw conveyor: The mixed materials can be conveyed through it to the extruder feeder without any leaking, dusting and pollution; Feed quantity and speed is even and stable.

Twin -screw extruder including feeding, extruding , cutting , heating , transmission and controlling system. The screws are made of the alloy steel; The forced lubrication system ; Auto-temperature control system; Auto-speed control system Self-cleaning. With the extruder, the starch is modified via heating and pressing. 

Shaping machine: The cutting machine divides the long products into standard length products, and the automatic feeding device at the front of the cutting machine arranges multiple long bars in a row. Knife cutting, cutting speed and traction speed are controlled by frequency conversion. Product compaction thickness is adjustable.

Hoister conveys the food from the low to high, according to the craft; decide the hoister height and the level distance.

Bread crumb grinder machine is making the flakes into different shapes .we change the shape of machine to do the different sizes products .it have differet capacity .

Rotary Shifter Screening Machines is designed as a high-precision screening machinery. vibrator sieve sifter is composed of vertical motor,and eccentric weight installed at two ends.We can producehorizontal, vertical, inclined motions by adjusting the upper and lower eccentric weight.It can remove the impurity in the material,such as milk powder,rice,corn etc.Classify/grade the mixed powder into different size that you requirement.

Drying machine is a continuous production of drying equipment, it can use multilayers stainless steel mesh belt to achieve the material ’s feeding,transporting and discharging. It is used for continuous drying and cooling of agricultural products, medical herbs, pellets snacks, pastes, pet food or others.