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The modified starch machine made by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is very professional. Modified starch is widely used in building materials, textiles, food, papermaking, casting, oil drilling, and many other fields.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s modified starch machine uses cheap natural starches, such as corn starch, tapioca starch, and tapioca starch as the primary raw materials to produce multifunctional and high-value modified starch through extrusion processing, drying, and grinding. , Pre-gelatinized starch. The twin-screw extruder is specially designed and consists of a feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, conveying system, and cooling system. Its barrel and screw structure can easily change the properties of starch.


The technical performance and product quality of the modified starch machine made by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. have reached the world's advanced level. The pre-gelatinized starch machine has the characteristics of many varieties, flexible configuration, wide application of raw materials, many kinds of products, and convenient operation.


Process Flow

Mixer--Screw Conveyor--Extruder--Air Conveyor--Air Conveyor--Sifter--Grinder Unit

1. Mixer: mix starch (corn starch, cassava starch, potato starch, etc.) alone or with some additives, add a certain amount of water, and mix well.
2. Feeding machine: the motor is used as the power for spiral conveying, and the mixed raw materials are transported to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure convenient and fast feeding.
3. Extruder: there is a special control cabinet, which can extrude modified starch granules under high temperature and high pressure, adjust the process and change the mold to produce different products.
4. Hoister: the particles are transported to the oven, and the height of the elevator is determined according to the oven.
5. Multi layer oven: the oven is an electric oven, and the temperature is between 200 ºC at room temperature, which can be adjusted by the control cabinet.
6. Grinder: select different grinder according to the requirements of modified starch.


More Explanation

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. developed the complete set of modified starch equipment.-starch deep processing complete set of equipment. The company adopts advanced cyclonic refining production technology for separation, washing, and concentration, which is highly efficient, energy-saving, water-saving, and good in separation. Continuous closed production and other effects, and has the advantages of simple equipment operation and convenient maintenance. The complete set of modified starch equipment produced by the company ranks first in the country and now has a complete set of manufacturing equipment and advanced testing equipment (all large conversion equipment is tested for dynamic balance, and cyclone products are the first in China to obtain According to ISO9000 certification, the company is still trial-manufacturing more advanced complete sets of production equipment. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s the modified starch machine can be customized according to the needs of customers. We have professionals to design the plan according to your needs and then send it to the customer for adjustment to ensure your satisfaction.


The modified starch machine was sold by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. We are still constantly updating and innovating our technology, and we will make our machines more advanced. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. Continuously absorbs advanced microwave technology at home and abroad to produce more high-quality products.


The equipment produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has been professionally designed to adjust the cavity and screw structure to diversify the functions of the modified starch. With the deepening of research, the extruder will be used in the modified starch market. Play an increasing role. The machine consists of a feeding system, an extrusion system, a rotary cutting system, a heating system, a transmission system, and a cooling system.


Buying Guide

If you are still hesitating to buy our modified starch machine, please get in touch with us, hoping to be your friendly partner if you want to develop a modified starch business.


1.Advantages of modified starch machine

1. The process is relatively simple, the core is extrusion drying, but the core equipment is fully automatic touch screen control.

2. The equipment has a high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, and convenient and quick disassembly and cleaning.

3. The product quality is stable and reliable, meeting domestic and foreign customers' most stringent food hygiene standards and quality requirements.

4. The finished product maintenance rate is low, the failure rate is low, and it meets the customer's long-term and large-volume continuous production requirements.

5. The whole line has low energy consumption and common unit production cost.

6. The equipment maintenance cost is low, which can effectively reduce the use cost.


2. Application of industrial starch

Industrial starch includes modified starch, oxidized starch, cationic starch, spray starch, yellow dextrin, white dextrin, corrugated powder. Used in various industries such as paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, packaging industry, textile industry, and so on. Used in animal feed and nutrition, industrial applications, aquatic feed, pet feed, edible oil, biopolymers, and adhesives.


3. The requirements of various foods for modified starch

1. Cakes: can stabilize the humidity and adjust the texture, and have excellent freeze-thaw stability.

2. Batter and bread: it should be easy to stick and condense and not cover the original taste of the food, easy to shape, and not easy to brown.

3. Beverages: it is required to increase the consistency, low short sweetness, not easy to be damp, easy to dissolve, and light taste. For infant milk powder and adult nutritional foods, it is required to be easy to digest, have low sweetness and creamy flavor.

4. Candies: Hard candies are required to adjust the crystals and viscosity of sugar, and jelly and gum candies are required to be strong gums and can be processed with viscosity and humidity control to prevent water separation. Fruit tan peel sugar is required to be easy to shape and control crystallization, while chocolate should help reduce fat content and control surface crystallization

5. Salad dressing and spreading food: For example, margarine peanut butter salad dressing requires partial replacement of fat, smoothness, enhanced concentration, easy forming, acid, heat, and cut resistance, and a loose texture.

6. Frozen sweet food.: If ice cream is required to help reduce the fat content, optimize the sweetness and freezing point, and help shape and melt the control lactose/ice crystal inhibitor

7. Meat processing: it is necessary to have the highest condensate stability and cheap coagulum to optimize texture and yield

8. Pudding and pie filling: It has high gloss, excellent freeze-thaw stability, temperature, and acid-base stability, smooth, creamy texture, cut resistance, and helps other extremely dispersion.


4. What is modified starch?

Modified starch is treated in some way to change its original physical or chemical properties to varying degrees. Based on the inherent properties of natural starch, physical, chemical, or enzymatic treatment is used to improve the performance of starch and expand its application range by introducing new functional groups to the starch molecules or changing the size of starch molecules and the nature of starch granules, thus changing the natural properties of starch.


The original starch is treated to change its original physical or chemical properties to varying degrees. Based on the inherent properties of natural starch, to improve the performance of starch and expand its application, physical, chemical, or enzymatic treatment is used to introduce new functional groups to the starch molecules or change the size of starch molecules and the nature of starch granules, thus changing the natural properties of starch (e.g., pasting temperature, thermal viscosity, and its stability, freeze-thaw stability, gelation force, film-forming property, transparency, etc.) to make it more suitable for specific applications. Ideal for certain applications. This kind of starch is called modified starch after secondary processing.


5. Performance characteristics of modified starch machine:

1. Reasonable and compact structure, reliable use, high production efficiency, labor and time saving, and can complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine grinding, and slurry automatic filtration and separation at one time. Its slurry separation device allows the shredded potato shreds to pass through two. The second washing with water allows sufficient time for the separation of starch and powder residue, thereby increasing the extraction rate of starch.

2. The hedgehog roller can plan the fresh potatoes through the high-speed rotating new potatoes into filaments, without lumps, diced skins, and less slag, without clogging the filter screen, which is beneficial to the extraction of starch and improves the extraction rate of starch. And the color is good, and the nails are sharp at the same time, which ensures the continuity of the operation.

3. The random built-in water pump can pump the separated starch wastewater at any time, which is beneficial to reuse the slurry and reduce the pollution in the starch production process.


6. The characteristics of each part of the modified starch machine

1. Flour mixer: Function: The mixer thoroughly mixes the raw materials added to the water with other chemical additives

Features: 1. The part in contact between the mixer and the material is made of stainless steel.

2. The discharge port adopts a new handle opening design with good sealing performance and avoids leakage.

2. Screw conveyor

Function: The screw conveyor can be conveyed horizontally or at any angle. These materials can be given in the stainless steel drum without leakage and dust pollution; simultaneously, the self-mixing machine can be sent to the feeder or tempering machine and sent directly to the inflatable extruder's discharge port.

3. Extruder with the cooling system

The series of twin-screw extruders are mainly composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, lubrication system, and control system.

Automatic lubrication and forced cooling ensure the safe operation of the extruder and extend the service life.

The feeding, extrusion, and cutting systems adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, with solid driving, stable performance, and power saving.

The screw is made of alloy material and processed by a unique process, with high strength, wear resistance, and long service life.

4. Dryer: it can be used to bake and dry food. The oven can bake a variety of aerated food, pet food, TVP/TSP food, peanuts, nuts, chewing nuts, etc.

1. The oven has a compact structure, small floor space, large drying area, small surface area, small radiant heat, and high thermal efficiency.

2. The belt and heat preservation are stainless steel; it is suitable for the food industry.

3. Controllable running speed with net (frequency conversion)

4. The temperature can be arbitrarily controlled and designed according to needs.

5. Infrared heating tube heating, rapid temperature rise and fall, low thermal inertia, and high thermal efficiency.

6. The running speed of the mesh belt is adjustable, and the temperature control device is accurate.

7. Double roller chain and chain drive, running smoothly and stably.

8. There is a slide plate at the bottom of the dryer for easy cleaning.

9. Suitable for drying non-fried extruded snacks, nutrient powder, bread crumbs, pet food, soy protein, etc.

5. Grinding system LYGW-420: The material enters the crushing chamber from the hopper, and the material is crushed by the impact, shearing, and grinding action between the high-speed rotating blade and the fixed blade. The powder is discharged from the machine cavity through the screen, and particle size is changed through the screen with different apertures. In order to obtain, the equipment is equipped with a water cooling device.


7. Technical support for modified starch machine

Customers can inform us of machine-related problems by phone, email, or fax. All information will be recorded and reported to the after-sales service team. At the same time, the sales staff will follow the case until the problem is resolved.


8. How to clean the modified starch machine?

1. Before preparing for cleaning, check whether the power supply is cut off to ensure the personal safety of the cleaning personnel.

2. Pay attention to the details and the cleaning of the corners when cleaning. Thorough cleaning can ensure food safety.

3. Pay attention to avoid damaging the machine when cleaning to extend the service life of the biscuit production line and ensure the device's safety.

The above three points are the three safety issues that need to be paid attention to when cleaning the biscuit production line, namely personal safety, food safety, and machine safety. Only by starting with the details can we produce better products.


9. How to repair the malfunction of the modified starch machine?

1. 12 months warranty.

2. Provide detailed product formulas for the production of modified starch machines.

3. Before the machine leaves the factory, our senior engineers will complete the commissioning according to customer requirements.

4. Provide video installation, installation guidance, operation guidance, and machine maintenance guidance during the epidemic.

5. Engineers and business personnel provide 24-hour online technical guidance and video conferences. Ensure that the customer's production line can be put into production typically.

6 After the outbreak of the epidemic, senior engineers (with more than ten years of industry experience) can be sent to the customer's factory for on-site installation training.


10. Modified starch machine service

pre-sale service

1. Provide technical parameters

2. Factory layout and size recommendations

3. Provide the general formula

4. Customized design service

5. Professional advice on markets, machines, materials, and packaging

6. It is recommended that professional ship agents or help to book ships according to customer requirements.

7. 24 hours online service


After-sales service

1. Provide a layout drawing according to the buyer's request.

2. The operation manual will be provided after the delivery.

3. One-year warranty and lifetime maintenance, giving you the lowest cost price.

4. Fragile spare parts will be sent free of charge together with the container.

5. The first installation can be done by an engineer.

6. Train workers in the customer's factory.


Engineers can repair machinery overseas

1. Free consultation service before, during, and after-sale;

2. Free project planning and design services;

3. Free debugging of equipment until everything is normal;

4. Free management of equipment long-distance transportation;

5. Free training of equipment maintenance and operation personnel;

6. Provide free new production technology and formula;

7. Provide one-year complete warranty and lifetime maintenance services.


11. Maintenance process of modified starch machine

If the equipment fails and the problem must be solved immediately, it is necessary to stop the equipment first and ensure the safety of the workers on the production line. In fact, many minor faults are caused by slow defects, which should be resolved immediately after a problem occurs.


As we all know, the modified starch machine works continuously in the factory, so long-term use of the modified starch machine will leave a lot of dust. If you do not clean the dust in time and work continuously and a certain impact on food safety will also affect the entire equipment.


Cleaning and maintenance: If the modified starch machine used for a long time is not cleaned up in time, it will cause a food safety impact and cause a certain effect on the equipment. In all large factories, equipment cleaning and maintenance are a must. Clean food equipment promptly to reduce failure problems, extend the service life of production line equipment, and bring you higher benefits.


Of course, some incorrect operations will seriously impact the equipment or bury a severe safety accident risk. Frequent cleaning is essential to reduce failures, but the necessary training must be provided to the staff.


12. Market competition trend of modified starch

The future development of modified starch is determined by the production technology and its application technology. The competition among modified starch manufacturers will compete in production technology and production equipment and the quality and safety of modified starch products, functional status, brand image, and service quality, and competition in application technology. With the increase of manufacturers producing modified starch, the competition among the industry has also become fierce. The second is quality. Users are more concerned about the quality and safety of products. Whether the modified starch products can be used for a long time without deterioration, whether the quality of the modified starch meets the production needs are very important to the users of modified starch, which requires companies to respond. Strengthening the quality control of modified starch products and improving the quality and stability of the products can better win the recognition of customers. The competitiveness of the above two aspects reflects the enterprise's hardware level and management level and is the main factor that determines the future development of the enterprise.


13.Development prospects of modified starch machine

In the past ten years, the world's production of modified starch has grown rapidly. At present, the world's annual production of modified starch is close to more than 8 million tons, including more than 3 million tons in the United States, more than 2 million tons in Europe, more than 600,000 tons in Japan, and more than 500,000 tons in Thailand. , my country has more than 1 million tons. The development of modified starch in my country started late, starting in the 1980s. It has been applied in many fields such as textile, papermaking, food, feed, foundry, medicine, construction, petroleum, etc. The application of modified starch in my country is still a new business, and there is a big difference from foreign countries in terms of the type, quality, and application scope of modified starch. In terms of the types of modified starches, more than 2,000 types of modified starch products have been developed and marketed abroad, including oxidized starch, acid-modified starch, starch esters, starch ethers, cross-linked starch, cationic starch, grafted starch, and cyclic starch. Dextrin, white dextrin, pre-gelatinized starch (pre-gelatinized starch), dialdehyde starch, etc. More than 200 kinds of modified starches are produced from corn starch, and the modified starch produced in mainland China uses corn starch as raw material. There are only more than ten varieties of starch. If calculated based on the amount of modified starch required by various industries in my country, the annual demand is between 1 and 2 million tons. Nowadays, the application prospect of modified starch is comprehensive. If the research, application, and promotion in this field are increased, modified starch production will have rapid development.


14. Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.?

Because we can guarantee not only quality problems but also provide perfect after-sales service, we have microwave drying equipment and a variety of food machinery for customers to choose from. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions and received good feedback from customers. We will solve problems for customers as soon as possible, and our equipment will hardly have any issues under regular use.


And we are not standing. Still, we are doing a lot of learning and absorbing advanced production technology at home and abroad, innovating and upgrading our equipment, making our equipment more advanced and efficient.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. took the lead in passing the ISO9000 quality system certification, and its products passed the CE certification.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a strong technical force, rich experience in product manufacturing, and a group of professional R&D personnel. It is a technological and industrial manufacturer integrating design, production, and sales. Our company has won the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad with a high degree of professionalism, advanced design concepts, reliable product quality, and a perfect after-sales service system. The company will provide new and old customers with more practical and intelligent products with a "professional design attitude and meticulous manufacturing concept."

Thank you for your trust and support!