High Quality Low Cost Corn Puffs Snack Food Extruder Machine

Corn puff making machine uses corn, broom, rice, wheat, oats, rye, corn grits, millet, bean grits and powders, sorghum, yellow rice, flour and other grains as materials to produce extruded snacks.
The corn puff making machine can obtain different puffed food by changing different moulds. The size of the finished product can be adjusted according to the different requirements of customers.
Loyal corn puff snacks production line adopt twin-screw extrusion technology and are highly flexible. .The product shape of corn puff making machine is determined by a combination of the die aperture, including ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower etc.
Loyal corn puff making machine can produce various uncoated, coated or filled cereal based snacks – with a wide variety of recipes and shapes. 

List Of Corn Puff Making Machine Technical Parameter

Machine Series

Installed Power

Power Consumption


Size (L*W*H)


























Corn Puff Snacks Production Line

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  • Small scale puffed corn snack making machine

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  • Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine

    Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine

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How do they make puffed corn snacks?
flow chart: mixer → screw conveyor → screw extruder → shaping machine → elevator → oven → seasoning line → packaging machine
Extruded maize snacks are manufactured through extruding moistened maize meal under high pressure and temperature conditions. The puffed product is then fried and usually coated with a savoury flavour such as cheese, chilli, barbeque sauce, sour cream or onion. The flavouring agent is applied in a powder form.

Loyal technology for snack food processing -- Improve your snack line with completely integrated processing and packaging systems.
Loyal Snack Machines feature innovative technology developed through years of experience delivering snack food systems around the world.
We have 20 food engineers who have been engaged in the development of snack machinery for a long time, and can provide stable technical support and formulas all year round.
Any popular puffed snack production process can be delivered quickly!
Extrusion- Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine
Extrusion processing, where bran-rich flour is run through an extruder, used to make a variety of foods such as pasta, cheese puffs, breakfast cereals, and pet food.
The taste of puffed snacks plays an important role in the selling price of the products. Different brands of puffed snacks are different because of the materials used to manufacture successful snacks!
Fried- Industrial Batch And Continuous Fryers
The raw material of fried puffed snacks is corn flour.
During frying the snack, the moisture content was reduced from 8% to 2%. Puffed snack producers can use continuous fryers for mass production, while batch fryers are convenient for small-scale fried snack producers.
Drying - Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer
Puffed snacks become crispy during the drying process.
Manufacturers require snacks to be dried after the extrusion process until the moisture content drops below 4%.
In this way, the puffed snack achieves satisfactory texture and storage stability.
Drying process control plays an important role in ensuring that moisture does not rise above or fall below a defined level.

And keep the taste!





Flour Mixer


 Double Screw Extruder


Air Conveyor


Multi-Layers Dryer (Electrical Type)


Multi-Layers Dryer (Gas Type)


Flavoring Machine


Cooling Conveyor


Molds Of Extruder


Control Cabinet Of Extruder


Control Cabinet Of Oven


Technologies and Equipment in Processing Snack Foods

Loyal corn puff snacks production line manufacture of extruded snacks, cereals and inclusions. Partnering with our customers and suppliers, we are able to develop extruded items in a variety of shapes and flavors.
Extruded Filled Pillow Puffs

A crisp shell hides the soft filling within; these pillows are intense! The flavor combinations of shell and filling are endless and can range from cheese to chocolate, savory to sweet.
Extruded Crispy Chips
Our versatile process can make chips in a variety of textures, flavors and shapes. From a tortilla-style massa triangle to a wasabi rice crisp, this chip is fully customizable.
Extruded Snack Sticks

Made with real potatoes, these sticks are like french fries that are great for snacking anytime. Just don't limit this concept to french fries; think sweet potato, carrot or even purple corn sticks.
Extruded Other Puffed Shapes

Balls, curls, bubbles, tubes, bananas, cups, disks, stars and more, we want to make your next big idea a reality.
Is puffed food healthy?
Puffed means that the volume will become larger, puffed food specifically refers to the use of frying, extrusion, frying, baking, microwave technology as a maturation process, before and after the maturation process, there is a significant increase in the volume of food.
Loyal puffed food equipment has a number of national patents in China.
Is puffed food good for us?
Healthy puffed food helps digestion, allows rapid pasting of starch in cereals and improves hydration of proteins and carbohydrates.
Use puffed foods as a snack. Don't eat too much, otherwise, it will soon lead to obesity or other things.

Technical Parameter Of Corn Puff Snacks Production Line

Corn Puff Manufacturers Equipment

Technical Parameter

Flour Mixer


Input Voltage:380v/50hz

Installed Capacity:4kw

Power Consumption:4kw


Size:1.3 X 1.0 X 1.2m

Functions:Mixer Makes The Raw Material Adding To Water And Other Chemical Additive Fully Mixed

Features: 1. This Part That Contacts Mixer To Material Adopts The Stainless Steel Material.

2. The Discharge Hole Adopts The New Handle-Opened Design, Good Seal And Avoids Leaking The Material.

Corn Puff Making Machine

Corn Puffs Snack Food Extruder Machine


Main Motor:22kw

Heating Power:10kw

Feed Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Cutting Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Oil Pump: 0.37kw Frequency

Screws Material:38crmoal/38

Screw Diameter:65mm

Screw Length:1050mm

Barrel Material:45#Customize Steel

Motor Brand:Lijiu Special Brand( China Famous Brand)


Function:- Rice Powder, Corn Powder, Millet Powder, Wheat Powder, Oats, Buckwheat, Bean, Starch, Etc.

Series Of Double-Screw Extruder Mainly Consist Of Feeding System, Extruding System, Cutting System, Heating System, Lubricating System And Controlling System.

Automatic Lubricating And Forced Cooling Make Sure That Extruder Performs Safely And Extends Using Life.

Feeding System, Extruding System And Cutting System All Adopt Frequency Conversion Timing To Gain Powerful Drive, Stable Perform, And Electricity Saving.

Air Conveyor

L Screw Are Made Of Alloy And Processed By Special Technique To Possess High Intensity, Abrasion Resistant And Longer Using Life.


Input Voltage380v/50hz

Installed Capacity0.75kw

Power Consumption0.75kw



Used To Carry Products To The Next Device.

3-Layers Oven

3 Layer, Electric Type


Installation Power: 45kw

Driving: 0.75kw

Heating Power:44.25kw

Dry Time: About 20 Minutes

Dimension: 5200*1200*2300mm

Weight: 1200kg

For Dryer: Aluminum Silicate As Thermal Insulation Materials Inside The Body Cover

This Kind Of Oven Has A Wide Range Of Application. It Can Dry All Shapes Of Puffing Food, Including Strip, Lump, Granular Materials Etc, As Well As Other Types Of Materials. Users Can Choose Different Types With Different Layer, Length, And Heating Mode.

It Has Compact Design And Easy Operation.

The Oven Is Droved With Double Pitch Roller Chain And Heats Materials Circularly. It Runs Smoothly, Never Obstruction.

Roasting Temperature And Time Can Be Adjusted, Effect Of Roasting Is Perfect.

With High Efficiency Fuel Saving System, Reasonable Heat Distribution, Material Is Heated Equally, Low Energy But Large Output.

Pre-Drying MachineGas Type)


Input Voltage380v/50hz

Driver Power: 0.75kw

Dehumidification Fan:0.55kw

Circulating Fan:3kw

Burner Brand: Italy Baltur

Fuel Consumption:


Gas: 5-16m³/H




It Is 3 Layers Oven. It Can Be Used To Bake And Dry The Food. The Oven Can Bake All Kinds Of The Inflating Food, Pet Food, And So On.


1. The Oven Has The Compact Structure, Small Occupying, Large Drying Area, Small Surface Area, Slight Radiating Heat And High Thermal Efficiency.

2. The Belt And The Heat Preservation Use The Stainless Steel; It Is Suitable For Food Industry.

3. The Running Speed Of Belt Net Can Be Controlled (Frequency)

4. The Temperature Can Be Controlled Willfully And Designed According To The Need.

5. Heat With Infrared Ray Heating Tube, Raise And Lower Down Temperature Quickly, Small Heat Inertia And High Heat Efficiency.

6. Adjustable Transit Speed Of Net Belt With Accurate Temperature Control Device.

7. Double-Roller Chain And Chain Drive Make Stable And Smooth Running.

8. Sliding Board Bottom Of Dryer For Easy Cleaning.

9. Suitable To Dry Non-Fried Extrusion Snacks, Nutritional Powder, Bread Crumb, Pet Food, Soybean Protein, Etc.

Octogonal Seasoner Flavoring Machine




Corn Puff Making Machine Process

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Corn Puff Making Machine Video

Advantages Of Puffed Food +
The preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients are high. The protein-rich plant material expands into high temperature and short extrusion, the protein is completely denatured, and the tissue structure becomes porous, which is conducive to...
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