Pellet Snack Making Machine

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  • Snack Pellet Production Lines

    Snack Pellet Production Lines

    For the snack pellet production lines  before we always use single screw extruder. The single screw extruder food processing is raw material is kneaded under high pressure and cooked by the...

The Snack Pellet Manufacturing Process

Whats snack does pellet snack production line can make?

3d,2d pellet snack can be made by pellet snack prodcution line. suach as shell, screw, spiral, square tube, circle tube shape.
Main Features Of  Pellet Snack Production Line

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation. 
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 
4. SIEMENS(China) motors are used, ensure the excellent performance of machines. 
5. Cooper Pipes used for cooling cylinder, they are quite durable than plastic rubber pipes. 
6. Food Grade stainless steel made Cutter cover meet strict food process safety requirements.

 How extruded snacks pellets are made?
Pellet snacks are produced dried and semi-processed for easy storage and shipment and in a second phase are expanded, seasoned and packed.
(1)    Raw Material: Cassava Starch, Potato Starch, Potato Powder, Corn Starch, Wheat Flour, Etc
(2)    Product Can Make In Shaping Machine: 3d Pellet, Net Pellet, Bat Shape, Round, Oval, Hexagonal, Square, Triangular, Etc.

How are snack pellets made?
Snack pellets are high-density and expandable intermediate products that are manufactured through extrusion using raw materials such as potato, corn, tapioca, rice, legumes and other cereals and vegetables
Snack pellets are a ‘semi’ finished ingredient which means that once produced by us, they are ready for our customers to manufacture into their finished innovative products.
The Automatic 2D And 3D Snacks Fryums Pellet Making line of snack pellet extruder
Mixer→Screw conveyor→Single screw extruder→Cutter→Vibrating feeder→Hoister→Dryer→Cooling machine


The Snack Pellet Manufacturing Process Of Pellet Snack Making Machine

Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

Technical Parameter

Pellet Making Process Flour Mixer

Model: Dc-Bfj

Installed Voltage:380v / 50hz

Power Consumption:4kw

Installed Power:4kw

Capacity: 15-20kg/5-8mins

Dimension: 700*600*1200 Mm

Motor Band: Lijiu Made In China

Material: Stainless Steel 201

Function: Mixing The Raw Materials

Screw Conveyor (Snack Pellet Extruder )


Input Voltage380v/50hz

Installed Capacity1.5kw

Power Consumption1.5kw



Function:Screw Conveyor Can Not Only Convey On The Level But Also By Any Angel These Materials Can Be Conveyed In The Stainless Steel Roller Without Leaking, Dust Pollution; Meanwhile It Can Send The Self-Mixer To The Feeding Machine Or The Conditioner And Directly Send The Discharge Hole Of The Inflating Extruder.

Ly3000-100 Single Screw Snack Pellet Extruder With Cooling System

Capacity: 80~100kg/H

Model: Ly3000-100


Heating Power:46kw

Feed Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Cutting Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Screws Material:38crmoal/38

Screw Diameter:100mm

Barrel Material:45#Customize Steel


Function: Extruding The Mixture Into Different Shapes(This Machine Uses Different Die Can Produce Different Shape Product)

Function: Extruding The Mixture Into Different Shapes(This Machine Uses Different Die Can Produce Different Shape Product

Punching Machine



Material: Sus304 /Alloy Steel

Purpose : Punch The Product


Pellet Forming Machine For 3d

Power :1.1kw

Dimension :1200*900*1100mm

Material: Sus304 /Alloy Steel

Purpose : Shaping And Cutting

Extra Shaping Roller


Vibrate Feeder




It Can Continuously And Evenly Feed The Snacks Equipment

It Is A Indispensable High-Efficiency And Energy-Saving Equipment In The Snacks Production Line.

Cooling The Pellets To Avoid Them Sticky

Cooling Conveyor

Cooling Power: 0.15kw

Function: Used Convey& Cooling Pellet Sheets Before Go To Cutting.


Snack Pellets Manufacturing Process Hoister



Material: Pvc / Sus201


Drying Roller

Power :13.5kw


Material: Sus304 / Sus201

Ltd-5d 5 Layer Drying Machine (Snack Pellets Manufacturing Process)

Driving: 0.75kw+1.1kw

Burner Brand: Italy Baltur

Fuel Consumption:

Btg-15 : 5-16m³/H

Dimension: 7100*1200*2000mm

Cooling Conveyor

Driving: 0.75kw,


4sets Blowers

Snack Pellets Manufacturing Process Vibrate Feeder

Power :0.24kw*2

Dimension: 1100x650x800mm

Function:- Conveying Snacks To

Next Machine

Continuous Fryer Machine

Heating Power: Gas

Capacity: 100-300kg/H

Frying Time: 10-30 Seconds, According To Product Situation.

Dimension: 3000*1000*2100mm

Valid Frying Width:650mm


Motor: Siemens


Double Conveyor Belt, Belt Speed Adjustable By Inverter

Frying Temperture Adjustable


Btg 20cn: 6-20.5m³/H

Btl 20cn: 10-22kg/H

Hot Oil Pump


Flow: 10 M³, Range:28m, Power: 2.2kw

Power Supply: 3ph 380v,50hz, Single Phase:220v,50hz


Hot Water Recirculating Pump


For Oil Circulation Use


Flow: 40 M³, Range:32m, Power: 7.5kw

Power Supply: 3ph 380v,50hz, Single Phase:220v,50hz

Oil Tank 1000l (New Oil) (Optional)

1. Use In: It Is Used For Storage Frying Oil When Cleaning And Preheat The Oil , When Oil Less Adding Oil Into The Fryer While Working At Any Time.

2. Material Quality: Stainless Steel , Stainless Steel Electric Heating Tube

Dimensions: 1200*1200*2100mm

Effective Size: 1000*1200mm

Thermal Power Rate: 5kw

Capacity: 1 Cubic Meter

In And Out Pipe Diameter: 1 Inch

Oil Filter

Oil Filter Machine

Drum Power: 0.12 Kw (Main Motor)

Fan Motor: 1.3 Kw (Air Blower)

Including Flow Of Pump:10m³/H(2.2kw)

Dimension: 1350*1100*1500 Mm

Installation MaterialTube, Valve(Optional)


1. Flange+Ball Valves+Pipes


Vibrate De-Oiling Machine

1. Use In: Remove Excess Oil Of Pellet

2. Material Quality: Food Contacting Parts Stainless Steel

3. Continuous Working

Power: 0.2 Kw*2=0.4 Kw2 Vibrate Motor

Dimension: 1950*850*900 Mm

Food Grade Pvc Hoister

Usage:Deliver The Snack To Next Device.

Working Together With The Flavoring Drum.

Food Grade Pvc,Stainless Steel.

Hoister Power:0.37kw


Rolling Flavoring Machine

Model :Dc-Ii






Function: Spray Seasoning Oil And Powder Onto The Snacks So As To Make The Snacks Tasteful.

Seasoning Podwer Machine For Pellet Making Process

Model :Dc-Ii


Feeding Hopper Volume :10kg



Cooling Machine For Pellet Snack Making Machine

Model: Lyc

Driving: 0.75kw,


4 Sets Blowers

Snack Pellets Manufacturing Process

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