Which Type Of Extruder Is Most Commonly Used In Snack Food Industry?

Our Food Extruder Machine is a summary of many single and twin screw extruder in food processing technical engineers who have more than ten years of experience. Loyal is single / two screw extruder manufacturers  in food processing market in China .

Loyal single screw and twin screw extruder machine has a number of food extruder machine technology patents and can provide you with the most detailed formula and food extrusion process documentation. 

While saving the cost of corn puff snack extruder machine, it is better to develop in the extruder snack manufacturing industry, so that your snack food project is profitable in the soy food manufacturing industry.

2022 Technical Parameter of twin screw food extruder in food processing


Installed Power



Power Consumption


74 kw


140-160 kg/hr

52 kw



KING- 70/75



240-260 kg/hr

75 kw

105 kw

250-350 kg/hr



KING- 85






150 kw



KING - 90









KING - 95









KING - 130









Mixer--Twin screw Extruder--Multi-function Cutting Shaper--Core Filler--Large-hoister--Material Machine--Oil Sprayer--Suger Sprayer--Material Machine--Dryer--Cooler

Food Extruder Machine

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Shandong Loyal Industrial is food extruder manufacturers and has a wide selection of food extrusion equipment, single and twin-screw extruders, series of rotary head extruders and series of single-screw extruder machine in food industry . welcome contact us ask for food extruder machine price .
Our machines inculded corn extruder , food extruder and corn puff machine are all equipped with PLC-controlled interface displays mounted near the control panel for easy interior viewing. The internal material of our machinery is hard and heat resistant, requiring slight external ambient temperature, and can work continuously for 24 hours. 
Our food extrusion equipment work efficiently and are guaranteed to give you the best price.

What Is The Difference Between Single Screw And Twin Screw Extruder in food extrusion equipment?

Food extrusion equipment market , the single screw extruder is more affordable and economical to operate .
twin screw extruders are more productive; more advanced and have more extensive application than single screw extruder machines.
the twin screw extruder have wider benefits which include higher levels of flexibility in production, higher productivity, higher mixing capabilities, improved control of food extruder process parameters, as well as improved economic opportunities and business potential. What’s more, the application of pet food extruder to the manufacture of foodstuffs will go on and will result in enhanced usage of the know-how in the future of the extruder machine in food industry business.

Food Extrusion Equipment Of Twin Screw Extruder VS Single Screw Extruder

Single Screw Extruder

Twin Screw Extruder

Suitable For Extrusion Processing Of Less Complex Ingredients

Long Life

Small Scale Production

Wide Adaptability

Short Life

Higher Shear Rate

Higher Heat Production By Friction


Lower Adaptability

Vacuum Exhaust Device

The Single Screw Extruder Is Simple

Direct Molding Powder Characteristics

Process Control Is Difficult

Ingredients Easily Broken Down


Suitable For Production Of Complex Ingredients


Less Heat Produced By Friction

Food Extruder Machine Processing Advantages Of The Twin Screw Extrusion Equipment

Better Levels Of Flexibility In Production.

Improved Mixing Capability

Higher Productivity

Improved Economic Opportunities

Enhanced Control Of Process Parameters

Business Potential

The Advantages Of Loyal Food Extrusion Equipment In The Field In Food Industry


The Advantages Of Loyal Food Extrusion Equipment In The Field In Food Industry

Automatic batching system

microcomputer control, accurate weighing.After the batching system, the mixing is completed. If there is more than one main machine, he automatic powder feeding system is optional.

Extrusion system

Many primary machines are used, with a high degree of automation. The device can be started with a single button.
The data is saved in real-time, monitored in real-time, and alarmed. Our twin-screw extruders are designed by 3D software, simulated by mock-ups, and automatically tested by computer to ensure that the design accuracy requirements are met. Professionally manufactured and machined,
this will ensure accuracy and coordination between each component of the extruder, stable handling, and low noise!

Pre-drying system

Various pre-drying equipment can be provided, such as a small vibrating fluidized bed, drum drying, and eight-layer vibration drying.

Sugar spraying system

The sugar spraying machine is a device used to spray syrup on the surface of the material to adjust the product's taste. It is divided into two main parts: drum and slurry tank.
To improve the fluidity and adhesion of the syrup, the drum rotates continuously and is equipped with a heating structure. A heat preservation device is also adde


The Advantages Of Loyal Food Extrusion Equipment In The Field In Food Industry

 This extrusion in food processing technology allows the production of puffed, organized, or unbuffed products. Currently, food extruder machines have become the choice of many food processing companies due to their ease of use and cleanliness, the long shelf life of the food, the fact that the shape of the food can be designed at will, and the ease of operation. And we have a set of professional testing standards. Before delivery is mechanical commissioning and parts quality inspection to ensure that the excellent product performance can withstand the test.
Food extrusion processing technology belongs to the high temperature and high-pressure food processing technology, especially the use of screw extrusion, through pressure, shear force, friction, heating, and other effects of the formation of solid food materials, such as crushing, kneading, mixing, maturation, sterilization, pre-drying, forming and further processing, complete high temperature and high-pressure physical changes and biochemical reactions, and finally food materials in the mechanical role of forced through a specially designed. 
The final food material is mechanically forced through a specially designed orifice (mold) to produce a particular shape and organization product.

Shandong Loyal Industrial an after-sales service commitment, we will have a professional technician to your company's staff to use the machine coaching, teaching package, to remove all the difficulties for you.

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