Hard biscuit making process

2020-06-30 15:40:53

The mainly raw materials for making hard biscuits are: flour, starch, sugar (used in the form of syrup), caramel, eggs, fat, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium metabisulfite, concentrated lecithin, spices, etc



  BISCUIT MANUFACTURING PROCESS Biscuit production process flow chart

1.Mixing the biscuit dough

Hard Biscuit dough is generally mixed with oil, sugar, dairy products, phospholipids and other auxiliary materials, heated water or hot syrup in the dough mixer, and then added wheat flour to prepare the dough. The modifier is added when the dough is initially formed, and the bulking agent and spices are added at the end of the preparation process. It takes about 40 minutes to make tough dough.The temperature of hard biscuit  dough is relatively high, generally controlled at 38℃~40℃,  In winter,use  90℃~100℃ sugar water  directly pour into wheat flour in . In this way, part of the gluten will be denatured and solidified during the powder mixing process, reducing the amount of wet gluten formed, which will help reduce the elasticity and keep the dough temperature within an appropriate range.

Hard biscuit dough needs to be relatively soft, and the moisture content of the dough should be maintained at 18 ℃ ~ 21 ℃. Soft powder can shorten the dough mixing time, increase the extensibility, weaken the elasticity, improve the crispness of the finished product, the dough is smooth, not easy to break, and the operation is smooth

2.Hard Biscuit Shaping:

Put the prepared dough to the feeding hopper of the roll forming machine.

The biscuit  can be different size and pattern by changing biscuit molds.

3.Hard Biscuit Baking

Due to the high moisture content of the hard biscuit dough, the dehydration speed of the middle part is slow during baking, and more water is placed during the preparation of the tough biscuit, and the stirring time is long, the starch and protein absorb water sufficiently, the gluten is formed more, and the dough is more elastic. Therefore, low temperature baking , It can be baked for about 6 minutes at 225-250 ℃.

4.Oil Spraying

Spraying oil on the surface of the baked biscuit to make biscuit more beautiful and delicious,

5. Biscuit Cooling

The surface temperature of the biscuits when they are just out of the oven can reach 180℃, and the temperature of the center layer is about 110℃, which must be cooled to 38~40℃. Due to the low content of sugar and fat in the ingredients and the large pores in the biscuits, hard biscuits are prone to cracking and cracking of the finished product. During the cooling process, forced ventilation cannot be used to prevent the temperature from falling too fast and the transportation environment being too dry. The product is broken during storage and requires complete cooling, as low as possible at room temperature.

6. Packaging

 Require complete cooling, as close to room temperature as possible, wait for the product below 45 ℃ to be packed into the box in time, and packaged with an automatic biscuit packaging machine.