How To Choose The Automatic Artificial Rice Drying Machine

2021-07-22 18:06:24

The equipment of the full automatic nutrition rice drying machine should be large rather than small, because in most cases, the role of the industrial fortified rice drying machine is needed when the harvest season meets the rainy season.

Different types of dryers can choose different types of grains. For example, grain production areas dominated by wheat and rice can choose mixed-flow and mixed-counter-flow dryers. Such as corn-based production areas, you can choose a multi-stage downstream temperature rapid dryer. For example, in rice-based production areas, you can choose a low-temperature, large-moderate dryer such as forward and reverse current, mixed and reverse current. Different grains have different drying processes and different drying temperatures. According to the quantity of grains during the drying period, different types of drying processes and dryers can also be selected. If there are many varieties of food, small quantities or scattered food storage, small batch (circulation) dryers or small mobile dryers should be used. If the variety is single, the quantity is large, and the drying period is short, a large continuous dryer should be used.

rice machineThe configuration of the size of the artificial rice drying machine model is based on the local actual situation and the requirements for the two important indicators of the dryer's productivity and precipitation range. If the requirement is 3000t corn with a moisture content of 26% and an average ambient temperature of -5°C, the corn can be stored for about 15 days, working for 20 hours a day, and after 30 days of drying, the water content is reduced to 14%. The optional treatment capacity is 5t/h small and large drying capacity dryer (when converted to 5% water drop per hour, its drying capacity is 12 tons. water/hour). If the grain production area is concentrated, the grain processing volume during the drying season is large, you can choose a large-scale temperature, efficiency, and fast drying machine according to the actual situation.


The equipment of the full automatic nutrition rice drying machine should be large rather than small, because in most cases, the role of the industrial fortified rice drying machine is needed when the harvest season meets the rainy season. Large drying capacity and low productivity cannot solve the problem. National and local reserves and grain production areas should build large and medium-sized dryers. The service radius of the fixed dryer should be small rather than large, in order to reduce the transportation distance, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. The mobile artificial rice dryer can be used in rural areas where grain production is not concentrated and small grain production areas in the south. The productivity is generally 2~5t/h. It is too small and is not welcomed by users. Rice drying machine is good for one machine and multi-purpose, not only suitable for grain and grain It is also suitable for some cash crops, and the service radius should be larger in order to play the role of a mobile dryer.

dryingWhen choosing rice dryer equipment, local energy resources must be considered in order to achieve reasonable utilization and reduce costs. If there is a coal-fired grain production area, coal, anthracite or coke is the best heat source, and its price is economical, but the one-time investment in coal-fired hot blast stoves is large. In grain production areas with oil fields and natural gas, light diesel, heavy oil or natural gas and propane can be used as hot blast stove fuel. This type of fuel costs, but the one-time investment in hot blast stoves is small. The special seed dryer should use oil or natural gas hot air stove, because its air temperature is stable, easy to control, and can ensure the germination rate of dried seeds.