How To Make Tortilla Chips?

2020-07-07 15:17:41
How To Make Tortilla Chips?

Tortilla chip famous deep frying snack in the world. Its traditional production process is making dough, pressing, shaping (cutting) and frying. Tortilla equipment manufacturers make by extrusion method, which has higher automation and lower cost. Corn chips processing line is mainly made up with raw materials treatment system, extrusion system, cutting system, frying system or baking system, flavoring system and controlling system.nachos chips processing line core technology is co-rotating twin-screw extrusion and frying.

Tortilla chip processing line description:

Flow chart: raw materials---extrusion---cutting---frying---flavoring---cooling---packing

doritos chips making machine desing

 how to make tortilla chips?

How To Make Tortilla Chips?
  1. Mixer: Mixing the recipt like corn powder or rice powder, wheat flour with water, tortilla chips ingredients are mixing in t his machine
  2. Screw convyor transfer the materials to the corn chips manufacturing process
  3. Extruder is the main machine:  The twin-screw extruder cooks and processes the ingredients, the doritos die at the end of the extruder to get a sheet chips 

corn chips recipes typically include 50% or more whole grains, made from corn, wheat, rice, barley, rye or oats.

  1. Shaping machine: have another rolling cutting machine to push and cutting it to differetn shape.The cutting system can get variety of attractive shapes (wavy, square, triangular, scoop-shaped for dips).  
  2. Nachos chips fried or baked chips are seasoned with various flavors such as onion, cheese, barbecue, pepper, chili, curry, etc.
  3. Tortilla toaster ovens are designed for uniform toasting.
  4. continuous fryers for corn chips, tortilla chips and tostadas of consistent quality.

Economically fry chips, pellets, extruded and other snacks using our continuous direct-heated fryers.

Recipe for Doritos&Tortilla Chips

Corn Power 80%

Wheat Flour 20%

Water 15%

 CaCO3: 0.4%

Zoon II: 110C

Zoon III: 110C

Main motor: 33Hz

Feeder: 32Hz

Shaping Machine Speed: 20-23Hz

how to make tortilla chips