How to use Spaghetti Straws Extruder?

2020-09-02 14:05:45

Pasta Straws Making Maker maker is a tube extrusion line, made up of three-color co-extruder and passed away, dimension setup and water air conditioning system, haul-off unit, rotating cutter system, air compressor , The machine can create all kinds size of three-color alcohol consumption straw 、 spiral strip straw , all the equipment's controls base with the control aspects ergonomically adjusted to permit simple procedure.

Spaghetti Straws Extruder can generate pasta of various shades to bring in clients' eyes as well as create clients' interest as well as a desire to buy. E.g., You want to develop green items, you can include spinach juice or food shade to adjust the color. The reducing thing is not easy to be deformed, the cutting surface is smooth, the density is uniform, and the specifications, are uniform. Widely made use of in-school lunchrooms, food handling plants, supermarkets as well as other locations.