Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer for Grits ripening

2020-07-04 12:02:40


Grits are rich in nutrients. 
In the United States and other developed countries, corn has been listed as the first health food among cereals, known as the "gold crop." 

Corn Health Care Effects:

1.According to the research, corn contains a lot of lecithins, linoleic acid, grain alcohol, vitamin E, cellulose, etc.
2.It has a variety of health care effects such as lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, anti-atherosclerosis, preventing colorectal cancer, beautifying and delaying aging, etc.
3.Is also an appropriate and good product for diabetic patients. 
At the same time, the practice of grits is quite diverse. For the traditional northern people, they can directly add water to cook like making porridge, and the effect is similar to the porridge, no matter in color or state.

Mr. Zhao of Shijiazhuang intends to deal in corn processing and packaging after ripening. Find us to find the best solution.
A.After testing, the moisture content of corn grits is 13%, 6kg of sample is tested with 20kW tunnel equipment. 
B.The corn grits are poured into the adjustable feeding hopper, the laying thickness of corn grits is adjusted to 8mm, the microwave power is 80%, the temperature is set to 110 ℃, the transmission is 12HZ, the microwave effect is 4 minutes, the color of the sample remains the original color. 

C.Still, the mellow fragrance has not been achieved, the microwave power is reduced to 100%, and the transmission speed is 8HZ, other data is unchanged, microwave action for 8 minutes, the sample is fully mature, has a strong fragrance. The humidity of corn grits after-ripening is 5%.
D.The customer was very satisfied. The customer's output per hour is about 200kg. According to the calculation of microwave ripening corn grits with an efficiency of 5kg / kW / h, 40kW water-cooling equipment is recommended to customers. 

The customer put forward the site restriction, made the equipment shorter, widened the equipment to 1.5m, arranged 5 microwave magnetrons in each group, and reduced 1 group of corresponding boxes, the 13m of conventional equipment is reduced to 10m, equipped with 4T cooling tower to realize long-term and heavy-duty operation. 
The feeding end is equipped with a food-grade rubber lifting equipment, which is controlled by PLC integration, and the customer is very satisfied.

Microwave directly acts on corn grits to produce thermal and biological effects, making the material itself a heating body. Temperature rise, through the temperature regulation and time control, accurate control of rapid heating, Industrial Microwave Vacuum Dryer, baking, curing, sterilization in one, through the control panel can adjust the parameters, realize the multi-purpose function of a machine.

1. Fast speed, high efficiency, and a short time. It can realize continuous mass production with its own sterilization function, sterilization and drying in ripening, extending the shelf life.
2. The baking is even, without the phenomenon of external scorch and internal tenderness. At the same time, it has a specific expansion effect, improves the color, fragrance, and product quality of materials.
3. Energy-saving and environmental protection, microwave materials almost no energy loss, more than 30% energy saving than other ways, no pollution waste, in line with the national health and environmental protection standards.
4. Advanced technology, simple operation, and can easily achieve full automatic operation.