Industrial Uses of Starch And Its Derivatives!

2020-07-05 00:05:22

Oxidized starch for paper industry & board: Starch products are used in paper bags, tissues and packaging paper, corrugating board, and stationery, use for size-press and surface coating and improves the printability and writing properties of paper.

function of modified starch

Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics:

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Modified starch used in textile industry:

Stiffen textiles to increase resistance to friction wear, and helps resist moisture penetration. And it can serve as a stabiliser and filler for coloured inks when fabrics are overprinted.

advantages of modified starch

Aquafeed,Pet Food, Animal feed:used as processing aids, as a binding agent, as a thickener, to stabilise the viscosity  and the sweetening and colouring of feed.

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oil drilling & construction industries:Pre-gelatinized starchmodified starch production line/starch extruder can product Denatured Starch, Pre-gelatinized starch is an effective and economical fluid loss agent in water based drilling fluids, which is a starch derivative. It is not bacterial degradation when at 120℃, environmentally acceptable and non-toxic. Modified Starch can produce a thin, slick, tough filter cake and promotes faster penetration rates with reducer friction. It can be used in all kinds of drilling fluid system.

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