Single Screw Cooking Forming Extruder Process technology

2020-07-08 11:29:36

single screw cooking forming extruder manufacturer of semi-finished pellets chips and snacks making. Cooking forming extruder use single screw extruder technologies based on our own developments and achievements of the world's leading pellet manufacturers. The final pelelt snacks products are upgraded on roasting or frying line.


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single screw forming extruder processLAMINATED POTATO PELLETS CHIPS

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single screw extruder manufactory process Pellet snacks recipes

Potato pellet

Potato pellet are traditional raw materials for the potato chips, potato sticks using extrusion technology. The product taste of natural potatoes and crispy texture.


Wheaten pellet

Wheat pellets are use wheat flour as main raw materials. Signle screw extruder need use hign pressure screw to extruder the wheat pellet snacks.

Wheat and potato pellet

A variety of forms of semi-finished pellet snacks of this recipe will allow you to produce different pellet chips and using different flavor additives.

Micro-pellets are billets intended for the manufacture of popped chips

There are many different raw materials which can be used for pellet production such as; potato, rice, maize, wheat, corn etc.

Advantages of pellet snacks

single screw cooking extruder technology using pellets chips frying oil in short-time.

Expiration date of dry pellet snacks 18 months.

Pellets snacks is their high bulk density that ensures  transportation over long distances.

Pellet chips have a large variety of shapes and sizes.

Extrusion Cooking Technology

Pellet chips by high quality, when using varieties of materials, the physical and taste properties of the finished product are flawless.


Materials mixing water and other liquid ingredients (such as oil, flavours, malt extract) are added according to the recipe, and feeding screw conveys the dough to the extrusion screw. According to the single screw extruder process parameters the dough will undergo a cooking process that might last up to 150 seconds at the proper cooking parameter.

 single screw extruder forming machine can easily process potato or corn starch based doughs (cooking at a relatively low temperature and with very low mechanical shear) as well as complex blends that require higher cooking times and higher mixing capacities (like wheat flour, cassav starch).

The pellet snacks materials is combined cooking, forming and cutting process in a single screw pellet making machine. Multiple shapes are produced by the die inserts at cooking forming extruder , including stars, wheels, cones, animals and other 2D and 3D variations. Wet pellets are then sent to a drying machin where the product is smoothly dried.