What Are The Advantages Of Industrial Banana Chips Deep Frying Equipment

2020-09-10 09:24:00

Introduction Of Automatic Banana Chips Deep Frying Equipment

As the professional deep frying equipment manufacturer ,our frying machine design good manufacturing process. Automatic frying machine can Fried snacks, frying various nuts, peanuts, beans, chicken, jaws for sale.


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Features & Advantages Of The Full Automatic Frying Machine:

1.This banana chips deep frying machine has a wide range of uses. It can fry various foods without changing the fat, without cooking smoke, and can prevent food from being contaminated by other odors.

2.The deep fat fryer saves time and is environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary fryer, the food fried by this equipment does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.

3.Advanced mechanical transmission and frequency conversion speed regulation system make the equipment can be used for frying various foods (such as tofu, meat cutting, meat pies, balls, chicken breast, rice bran, fish, etc.).

4. The oil pool adopts advanced and efficient heating system and heat preservation technology to save energy, improve work efficiency and reduce unit cost.

5.This factory chips frying machine is a high technology fryer, it uses automatic temperature control system,and it can set multiple classes heating mechanisms, temperature control can be achieved partitions.


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Application Of The Chips Fryer: 

Industrial cassava chips banana chips deep frying equipment is suitable for small and medium-sized fried food processing enterprises and can process various foods. Applicable products are: broad beans, mung beans, peanuts and other nuts; potato chips and other puffed foods; sesame and other flour products; meat pieces, chicken legs and other meat products; yellow croaker, octopus and other aquatic products; dried tofu , Tofu bubble and other soy products.


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Parameter Of Continuous Frying Machine

Deep Frying Equipment Model

Heating Power

 Heating Temperature


Size (L*W*H)

LYCF-L(electric fryer)





LYCF-G (Gas/Diesel)






LYCF-L-2 (electric fryer)





LYCF-G-2 (Gas/Diesel)


8-41kg/h (Diesel)