What Are The Nutritional Value Of Instant Noodles?

2020-11-04 17:02:54

The oil in instant noodles of instant noodles making equipment generally contains antioxidants. But it can only slow down the rate of oxidation and delay the time of rancidity, but cannot completely effectively prevent rancidity.

Instant noodles are a kind of fast food, although its image is mostly bad. The opposite, but instant noodles made by automatic instant noodles production line also have their own nutrients. What is the nutritional value of instant noodles?

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The main ingredients of instant noodles made by induatrial instant noodles making amchine are wheat flour, palm oil, seasoning sauce and dehydrated vegetable leaves. They are all necessary ingredients to supplement human nutrition. Accompanied by the acceleration of the globalization process and the improvement of the pace of life. Instant noodles, a delicious food that can quickly satisfy hunger and are rich in nutrients, is becoming more and more popular.

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Instant noodles are often criticized by people, who believe that eating more is not good for your health, mainly for the following reasons:

1. The fat content is high, because most instant noodles are fried to dry the noodles. But Professor Hu pointed out that compared with French fries, hamburgers, etc., the fat content in instant noodles is not very high. The average fat content in each serving is about 16%-18%, of which 11% is palm oil. Vegetable oil is beneficial to human health, and the fat content in a hamburger is on average about 30%, which is nearly double that of instant noodles.

2. Contains certain additives. Professor Hu said that when it comes to additives, everyone talks about it and thinks that it is a substance that is not good for health. This is a misunderstanding in concept. The food industry is inseparable from additives such as thickeners and stabilizers. The state-allowed additives are strictly tested and proved to be harmless to the human body. You can eat them with confidence.

3. The acrylamide problem that is concerned by many people. Professor Hu pointed out that all starchy foods will produce this carcinogen during high-temperature cooking (over 120°C). Therefore, it is found in French fries and instant noodles.

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In response to many people's perception that instant noodles are not nutritious. In the noodles and seasoning packs of instant noodles, the six essential nutrients-water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins-are all available. Therefore, nutrition is more comprehensive. The dehydrated vegetables in the seasoning package basically preserve the nutrition of the original vegetables, but it is slightly insufficient because of the small amount, but the dietary balance is based on the premise of a reasonable combination of food. As long as you eat instant noodles with more vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits. New nutritious instant noodles are being developed at home and abroad. For example, nutrient-fortified instant noodles with iodine or iron, instant noodles for weight loss, instant noodles suitable for diabetics, etc., will meet the nutritional needs of different people in the future.

The oil in instant noodles of instant noodles making equipment generally contains antioxidants. But it can only slow down the rate of oxidation and delay the time of rancidity, but cannot completely effectively prevent rancidity. Oily foods will damage nutrients after rancidity, produce peroxy lipids, and have a hala taste. After long-term excess of peroxy lipid enters the body, it will damage the body's important enzyme system to a certain extent, and will also promote premature aging.

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