What Is The Best Way To Use Pet Feed Production Equipment

2020-09-14 09:59:06

With the continuous progress and development of the society, the use of pet feed production equipment is also increasing, what is the correct way to use pet food manufacturing equipment? Here I will explain to you.


pet feed making machine


1. Pet food production line for long-term work, should be fixed on the cement foundation. If the workplace often changes, dog food processing equipment and motor to be installed in the pedestal with the production of angle iron, if the pet food processing equipment diesel power, should make the two power match, that is, the power of the diesel engine is slightly greater than the power of dog food making machine, and make the two pulley groove consistency, the pulley outer surface in the same plane.

2. Dog food production machine to check the tightening of each part of the fasteners after the installation, if loose to be tightened.

3. To check whether the belt elasticity is appropriate, the motor shaft and pet feed equipment shaft is parallel.

4. Do not casually replace the pulley, in case the rotational speed is too high to make the smash chamber explosion, or rotational speed is too low to affect the efficiency.


pet feed production line


5. After the crushing platform to start the first idle 2 - 3 minutes, there is no abnormal phenomenon and then feed the work.

6. The work should always pay attention to the operation of the dog food production line, feed material to be uniform, to prevent blocking stuffy car, do not overload the operation for a long time. If you find vibration, murmur, bearing and body temperature is too high, spraying material to the outside of the phenomenon, you should immediately stop and check, troubleshooting before continuing to work.

7.The operator should not wear gloves, feeding should stand on the side of the pet food manufacturing equipment to prevent rebound debris hit the face.

8.Blocked, it is strictly prohibited to force feed or drag out the feed by hand, wooden stick.


pet feed making equipment