What To Pay Attention To Before And After The Pet Food Extrusion Machine?

2020-07-16 15:51:11

The pet food machine can puff a variety of crops. The puffed food is very good. So, how does puff extrusion machine work? Here I will give you a brief introduction:

1. Check all parts of extruder machine, especially the connecting screws, anchor bolts of each section of the expansion chamber, the connection bolts of the motor base and the frame, and the bolt connection of the expansion chamber and the frame, there must be no looseness.

2. Manually rotate the main shaft of extrusion machine. At this time, there should be no rubbing sound in the expansion chamber.

3. Start the feed auger of snack food machine ,check its stepless high-speed performance, and require normal operation.

4. Check and clean the water and gas channels before starting of the extruder machine. All filters need to be cleaned.

5. Before starting of the extruder machine, check whether the wiring of the electric control part is correct, whether the rotation of each motor is correct, and whether the control is reliable. After the inspection, it should be idling normally before adding a small amount of wet rice slowly until the puffing is normal. Immediately add a small amount of dry rice, because the starting temperature is low and the load is heavy. When starting processing, the diesel engine throttle must be opened larger, and the rice should be added slowly. After the puffed fruit comes out and formed, gradually increase the amount of rice. Motivation is the principle. When processing, it was found that there was a puffed material at the entrance turned up, and immediately removed with a small wooden stick.

6. After shutting down, you must wear high temperature resistant gloves, quickly remove the discharge mold, and immediately clean up while hot. And start the main motor to empty the material accumulated in the expansion chamber. When puffing corn, soy flour should be added to rinse the material in the cavity.

7. Pay attention to safety when unloading the machine. Do not stand in front of you to avoid the danger caused by the residual pressure in the cavity of the extruder.

8. After the equipment runs normally, it shall not be stopped at will. After the processing is finished, let the machine idle for 2 to 3 minutes, wait for the residual feed inside to scorch, then turn off the power, remove the head nut, screw, screw sleeve, eight-hole core, remove the rice and clean it for the next time. Turn on.

How To Start The Pet Food Manufacturing Equipment?

1. Check the fasteners before starting the extrusion machine, and there should be no looseness.

2. Ensure that steam and water can be supplied normally.

3. Make sure the power supply and electrical appliances are normal.

4. Open the steam valve, preheat the expansion chamber, the temperature is about 100 degrees.

5. Start the extrusion equipment: start the conditioner, start the feed auger, when there is material outflow at the outlet of the conditioner, start to add steam to the conditioner, when the material is well-conditioned, turn on the main motor to the expansion chamber Add a small amount of water and feed the material into the expansion chamber at the same time. After the material is extruded, adjust the expansion effect and moisture of the product.

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Notes On The Shutdown Of Dog Food Machine.

1. The production is reported to be backward (that is, there is still material in the raw material warehouse) and needs to be stopped. The order of stopping is: feeding twister and conditioner. Then wait until the current value of the host on the electric control cabinet becomes the no-load current value, stop the main motor and the oil pump motor, (When the corn is puffed, about 25 kg of soybeans should be fed into the bypass feed port of the first section of the expansion chamber Powder, in order to clean the residual corn material in the puffing cavity, and then the main motor can be stopped to prevent the machine from jamming), and the puffing cavity of the tail joint is quickly disassembled and cleaned. After cleaning, the main shaft and the inner wall of the screw head are coated with grease ( After feed grease), reinstall it and wait for the next boot

2. When you see that the material level indicator on the silo indicates that the material level has reached the lowest position, start preparing for shutdown. At this time, do not stop feeding the auger and conditioner. When the current of the host machine drops to no-load current, stop Feed auger and conditioner.

What Is The Operation Sequence Of Pet Feed Puffing Machine?

1. When expanding soybeans, the two sections at the inlet end of the expansion chamber are single screw heads, and the three sections at the outlet end are equipped with double screw heads. First add steam to the jacket to preheat the expansion chamber to about 100 degrees, and tighten the screw plug on the expansion joint of the tail joint and then loosen it 3-4 times. Tighten the screw set screw to fix the screw, and then feed. By controlling the stepless high-speed mechanism of the feed auger, from slow to fast, the feeding speed is from small to large, and wait for the soybean powder to be sprayed from the screw hole After the exit, the baffle is added to enter normal production, and the screw plugs with different apertures can be configured to obtain soybean powder with different output and fineness. By configuring conical pressure rings with different diameters, the fourth section (discharge end) of the expansion chamber The indicated temperature is 130-140 degrees. It is recommended that the sieve of the crusher used for crushing soybeans should have a diameter of 3-4.

2. When pulverizing powdered feed, the extruding screws in the puffing cavity are all single screw heads. Add steam to the jacket to preheat the expansion chamber to about 80 degrees. The powder that enters the extrusion and is evenly tempered with steam has a water content of about 18%, which must be completed in the feed conditioner. The feed rate is controlled by the stepless speed regulation mechanism from small to large. Note that the main motor ammeter reading should not exceed the rated current of the host. Beware of overloading and burning the motor. When pulverizing the powdered material, configure the tapered pressure ring of different diameter to make the discharge The temperature of the end expansion chamber is controlled to an appropriate level.