Why choose Rice Straw Making Machine?

2020-09-02 14:42:22

Rice straw making device the rice flour, cassava starches the raw product then forms a kind of recreation food after extruding, slaking, creating, drying out, frying, and pumping up. Our business has boosted the assembly line efficiency through the market research and also our own technology as well as makes the driver operate the equipment efficiently as well as make the craft more perfect. Pasta Alcohol Consumption Straws Extruder is an indispensable production food device for everyone taking on the food career.

New style high output Pasta Alcohol consumption Straws Extruder can generate screw, covering, round tube, square tube, bend tube, etc. Compact framework unique layout, as well as secure efficiency developed on the base of like, generates, and also needs in the world market. It realizes high automation, practical operation, low energy as well as small floor room, that ensures all working procedures from feeding flour to end up as soon as.