How to Bentonite Drying Equipment?

2020-07-15 10:21:12


The main body of the rotary dryer is a cylindrical body that is slightly inclined and can be rotated. Industrial Conveyor Belt Dryer

The wet material is fed from the left end feed port, passes through the inside of the cylinder, and is dried by effective contact with the hot air or heated wall in the cylinder, and the dried product is collected from the right end discharge port. 

During the drying process, the material moves from the higher end to the lower end under the action of gravity by means of the slow rotation of the cylinder. 

The inner wall of the cylinder is provided with a forward wave plate (or the like) which constantly picks up and sprinkles the material to increase the thermal contact surface of the material to increase the drying rate and cause the material to move forward. 

The heat carrier used in the drying process is generally hot air, flue gas or water vapor. 

If the heat carrier (such as hot air, flue gas) is in direct contact with the material, after passing through the dryer, the fine dust material in the gas is usually collected by the cyclone dust extractor, the waste air is vented after passing through the cyclone dust extractor.