Meat production and processing machine and equipment

2020-07-15 10:16:24


Working principle

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHZ. The material in the heating medium in the molecules of water is a polar molecule. It in the rapidly changing under high frequency magnetic field, its polarityorientation will be with the change of external electric field changes, resulting in molecular motion and friction between the effect, this field of the microwave field can transformed into thermal energy within the medium, the temperature of the material increased, heating and puffing a series of physical and chemical processes, so as to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying.

Our Microwave dryer and sterilization machine can effect on many raw material, such as grain, truffle, seafood, medicine etc. Microwave have good penetration and reflection characteristics, can great in dealing with different materials. It can be used for dog food, cat food, Fish food, Bird, Snake, Tortoise and so on.