How to Tea Sterilization Machine?

2020-07-15 11:15:53


Microwave sterilization utilize the result of combined action of the thermal effects of and biological effects of electromagnetic fields. Microwave thermal effect on the bacteria is to make the protein of bacteria denatured,lost their nutrition, reproduction and survival conditions down to be dead. Microwave on the biological effects of the bacteria is that the microwave electric field changes cross-section of potential distribution of the bacterial cell membrane and impacts the concentration of Ion and electron  around the membrane, which can change the permeability of cell membranes,therefore make bacteria innutrient not be normal metabolism. The structure of bacterial disorders, and growth is inhibited to be dead. Moreover, nucleic acid genetic (RNA) and deoxyribose acid (DNA),which decide the normal growth and stability of bacterial,is curly-shaped macromolecule that made of a number of linked compactly hydrogen bond.The microwave can be strong enough to make hydrogen bond slack, ruptured and recombined, which induce genetics to be mutational,chromosome to be distortional or even broken.

Product Application :Widely used in chili powder, pepper, the chili pepper, curry powder, Chinese prickly ash, hemp, natural spices such as pepper dry and sterilization.