Mulberry Leaf Tea Drying Equipment

2020-07-15 10:10:22


Microwave drying sterilization equipment is a new type of high-efficiency drying equipment, using microwave equipment to dry materials, can be a multi-purpose machine, can be dried, can sterilization, also can fixation Microwave drying sterilization & fixation equipment uses the water of the material itself to form ateam environment. With the high-frequency microwave vibrationeffect, the fixation effect is good, and the color of the material is bright. At the same time, a part of water is lost in the fixing processto save the drying cost. The nutrient content of the material driedby the equipment will not be changed and destroyed at all.

Working principle of green tea drying machine:

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHZ. The material in the heating medium in the molecules of water is a polar molecule. It in the rapidly changing under high frequency magnetic field, its polarityorientation will be with the change of external electric field changes, resulting in molecular motion and friction between the effect, this field of the microwave field can transformed into thermal energy within the medium, the temperature of the material increased, heating and puffing a series of physical and chemical processes, so as to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying.