What Is The Kurkure?

2020-10-26 12:01:40

There are also many vegetarian meals such as pixel sausages, vegetarian burgers, and vegetarian bacon in Western food. In the snack food industry, vegetarian meat also occupies a place. Next, Shandong Loyal will talk to you about the development status of vegetarian meat and the technical equipment involved in its production.

Kurkure food is a special squeezed food that is very crunchy in your mouth. The corn grits are mixed with a certain proportion of water and then enter the food extruder. Under the squeezing and kneading action of the two turntables of the Twin screw extruder, the corn grits form irregular twisted shapes, and then the cutting knife cuts them into the required The length of the product. Kurkure can be seasoned after being fried, or baked and seasoned. It is popular with consumers for its deliciousness. 


  1. Non-standard, can be customized according to customer needs
  2. Simple operation and easy maintenance
  3. International brand electrical devices, big brands, reliable
  4. Equipped with high-efficiency energy-saving combustion system, reasonable heat source distribution, uniform heating of materials, low energy consumption and large output.